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Do you think you know everything about each other? Are you a perfect couple? Do you communicate without words? Well, it is time for the series of marriage exercises, in which the harmonious team of you is being put to test! Check yourself in various tasks and compare to other couples. Prove to each other, that you are made for each other. Dozens of tasks and challenges lie ahead, which can be confronted only together.

Game elements:
two-sided game board
(one side for one couple
and the other for 2
to 4 couples).
8 counters
55 cards - Charades
55 cards - Associations
55 cards - We know each other
55 cards - What am I talking about?
64 cupid tokens
6 victory chips (for couples)
1 sand timer
2 whiteboards
1 "spin the bottle" board
2 non-permanent markers
1 eraser cloth
48 vouchers   


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